The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for 2014 - 2015
President: Gabrielle Alexander (email)
Producer: Lindsey Buss (email)
Vice President: Sarah Conard (email)
Secretary/Treasurer: Emily Peterson (email)
Public Relations: Tessa Komorowski (email)

The General Committee of the Board of Directors for 2013 - 2014
Alumni Relations Committee Head: Lindsey Buss (email)
           Assistant : Steph Watkins
Fundraising Committee Heads: Phillip Jindra (email)
           Apprentice : Kevin Hoffman
Internet Committee Head: Lukas Peterson and Phillip Jindra(email)
History Committee Head: Mary Heili and Tessa Komorowski (email)
           Assistant: Steph Watkins
Bylaw Committee Head: TBD (email)
Education Committee Head: TBD(email)
Social Activities Committee Head: Lindsey Buss (email)

Directing Staff for 2014 - 2015
General Director: Phillip Jindra (email)
Music Director: Rachel Winters (email)
Choral Director: Mary Heili (email)
Technical Director: Max Alexander (email)
Choreographer: Maddie Braun (email)
           Assistant : Megan Burback

Production Council for 2014 - 2015
Stage Manager: TBD
           Assisted by: TBD
Costume Designer: Phillip Jindra
           Assistant : TBD
Make-up/Hair Designer: TBD
Art Designer: TBD
Set Designer: TBD
Lighting Designer: TBD
Sound Designer: TBD
Props Masters: TBD
Master Carpenter: TBD

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